ALERT! In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CMS has released COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol Training for Long Term Care and Non-Long Term Care.
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Long Term Care | Non-Long Term Care

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Hand-in-Hand—A Training Series for Nursing Homes Toolkit - Training Menu

This training focuses on caring for residents with dementia and on preventing abuse. CMS, supported by a team of training developers and subject matter experts, created this training to address the need for nurse aides’ in-service training on these important topics.

The mission of the Hand in Hand training is to provide nursing homes with a high-quality training program that emphasizes person-centered care in the care of persons with dementia and the prevention of abuse.

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Module 1: Understanding the World of Dementia: The Person and the Disease

Module 2: Being with a Person with Dementia: Listening and Speaking

Module 3: Being with a Person with Dementia: Actions and Reactions

Module 4: Being with a Person with Dementia: Making a Difference

Module 5: Preventing and Responding to Abuse

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