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Safe Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes (Web)

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Archived Webinar - Safe Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes

Originally Aired on July 15, 2016

This 3 hour webinar discusses the following Learning Objectives/Topics:

  • Hospitals, CAHS, and ASCs are expected to strictly and meticulously follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and reprocessing endoscopes, and to adhere to a current nationally recognized practice guideline such as the 4 standards of practice reflected in consensus recommendations found in the Multi-Society Guidance document. This webinar will provide the latest information to surveyors to use during their assessments of cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes.
  • S&C 15-32, “Alert Related to Outbreaks of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) during gastrointestinal endoscopy, particularly Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)” states that “Surveyors, when surveying hospitals, CAHs or ASCs, must ask during the entrance conference whether duodenoscopes are used. If the answer is yes, then surveyors must request a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) for the duodenoscope(s) as well as any AERs the facility uses in reprocessing duodenoscopes. Further, surveyors must observe endoscopes being reprocessed and should ask the responsible staff to demonstrate and explain how they are adhering to manufacturers’ instructions and the Multi-Society Guidance recommendations. Any identified noncompliance must be cited accordingly, and the increased risk to patient safety resulting from improper reprocessing should be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate level of citation.”
  • This SCG webinar will provide information to surveyors that will aid their ability to observe endoscope reprocessing. Karen Hoffmann and Mary Drosnock (co-chair of AAMI ST91 and Manager of Clinical Education for Healthmark Industries) will cover the following topics updated manufacturer’s reprocessing guidelines from AAMI, CDC, FDA, the impact of endoscope reprocessing breaches and the need for staff to improve practices on the frontline, plus monitoring processes for effective cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes.


No prerequisites in addition to those indicated in the Prerequisites (Mandatory) section of the Training Plan.

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