ALERT! In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CMS has released COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol Training for Long Term Care and Non-Long Term Care.
Surveyors must be logged in to receive credit for completion. Public learners can access COVID-19 training via direct links below:

Long Term Care | Non-Long Term Care

Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Basic Training (PRTF)

Activity Code: 0CMSPRTF_ONL

Training Description: This training cultivates and refines surveyor skills, fosters understanding of the PRTF survey process, and enhances surveyors' overall ability to survey PRTF facilities. This includes the ability to:

  • Conduct observation, interviews, and record review to gather information and identify concerns.
  • Employ critical thinking to analyze and investigate any concerns identified during the survey.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the applicable regulations and interpretive guidelines needed to address those concerns.
  • Make accurate compliance decisions.
  • Document deficiencies in a manner consistent with CMS's principles of documentation (POD).


  1. Introduction to Surveying for Non-Long Term Care OR BHFS—Basic Health Facility Surveyor—Introduction to Surveying for Long Term Care (includes Resident Assessment Instrument Minimum Data Set 3.0)
  2. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Simulation
  3. Survey & Certification Policy Memo Navigation Simulation
  4. State Operations Manual Navigation Simulation
  5. Principles of Documentation for Non-Long Term Care OR Principles of Documentation for Non-Long Term Care OR Principles of Documentation for Long Term Care OR Principles of Documentation for Life Safety Code
  6. Basic Writing Skills for Survey Staff
  7. Foundational Investigative Skills

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