Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: Outpatient Physical Therapy/Outpatient Speech Language Pathology Services Basic Training (OPT/OSP)

Activity Code: 0CMSOPTOSP_ONL

Training Description: The OPT Basic Online Training course will provide participants with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge required to be an effective OPT/OSP surveyor. During the course, participants will be provided with learning opportunities that will aid in the development of their OPT/OSP surveyor expertise.

Target Audience: All surveyors and reviewers who currently conduct or review OPT/OSP surveys. This course may also be taken by experienced surveyors who are adding the OPT/OSP provider type to their list of survey responsibilities and current OPT/OSP surveyors taking the course as a refresher.
Course Duration: 24 Hours

Prerequisites: None

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