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Training Name: Introduction to Surveying for Non-Long Term Care (BHFS-NLTC)

Activity Code: 0CMSNLTC_IntroToSurvey

Training Description: This Introduction to Surveying for Non-LTC training intends to introduce Federal & State surveyors to survey processes associated with non-LTC facilities. This training introduces basic terminology & the observation, investigative, and interview skills surveyors use throughout the survey process. The training also provides examples of documentation for several non-LTC survey types, including hospitals, critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and others. This training will aid learners in developing surveyor skills & proficiency by establishing a foundational understanding of the non-LTC survey process.

Training Objectives: On completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key terms & roles associated with the certification & survey processes.
  • Identify the activities & purpose associated with each process and the differences between providers & suppliers.
  • Determine the proper methods to use when interviewing patients, family members, and facility personnel.
  • Determine if documentation follows guidelines for defensible deficiencies.
  • Determine if documents & statements adhere to the factors & guidelines that contribute to being an effective witness.
  • Identify the facts, responses, and statements that best support the government’s case during a hearing.

Training Duration: 9 hours

Completion Requirements: This self-paced Introduction to Surveying for non-LTC training includes a mandatory pretest, six learning modules, a mandatory posttest, and a CMS-approved training evaluation. Both the posttest and the evaluation must be completed to generate a certificate of completion. To pass the Introduction to Surveying for Non-LTC training, you must score a minimum of 80 percent on the training posttest.

Training CEUs: N/A

Email for Questions: The training is available on-demand online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the training, questions can be submitted using the comment tool. For all technical issues, including accessing the training, email; for all content-related questions, email

Note: The training is currently available as a PDF but will soon be reuploaded as an interactive online training. The original training used Adobe Flash player and is being converted to an updated format.

Prerequisites: None

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