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Training Name: Foundational Investigative Skills (FISC)


Training Description: The Foundational Investigative Skills online course introduces health care facility surveyors to the concepts and skills necessary to develop strong investigative techniques on a survey. This web-based training (WBT) contains a course introduction and 5 learning modules with multiple lessons.

  • Course Introduction Module
  • Module 1: Effective Observations Using the Five Senses - Using the five senses to make effective observations
  • Module 2: Surveyor Boundaries: To Do or Not to Do - Avoiding common mistakes made by surveyors during investigations
  • Module 3: The Surveyor in Court: Writing Defensible Citations - Writing defensible citations
  • Module 4: Depositions and Hearing Testimony - Supporting citations in depositions and testimony
  • Module 5: Sexual Abuse in Long Term Care - Identifying and investigating the cases of sexual abuse in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities

The Foundational Investigative Skills training is presently undergoing active updates. The Quality, Safety & Education Portal development team has received reports of:

  • Broken resource links.
  • Training videos that do not launch.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are currently addressing these issues. All links and videos are scheduled to be fully operational by Summer 2020. Please reference the below PDF document with active links for the impacted eLearning screens. Feel free to send questions or concerns to

Prerequisites: None

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