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Training Offering Overview

Training Name: Foundational Investigative Skills (FISC)


Training Description: The Foundational Investigative Skills online course introduces health care facility surveyors to the concepts and skills necessary to develop strong investigative techniques on a survey. This web-based training (WBT) contains a course introduction and 5 learning modules with multiple lessons.

  • Course Introduction Module
  • Module 1: Effective Observations Using the Five Senses - Using the five senses to make effective observations
  • Module 2: Surveyor Boundaries: To Do or Not to Do - Avoiding common mistakes made by surveyors during investigations
  • Module 3: The Surveyor in Court: Writing Defensible Citations - Writing defensible citations
  • Module 4: Depositions and Hearing Testimony - Supporting citations in depositions and testimony
  • Module 5: Sexual Abuse in Long Term Care - Identifying and investigating the cases of sexual abuse in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities

Prerequisites: None

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