Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: CLIA Orientation Training (CLIA_OPMT)


Training Description: The CLIA Orientation Program Manual Training course is designed to enable surveyors and non-surveyors to understand and disseminate CLIA-related responsibilities and surveys at an entry level of competence, and enhance surveyors' overall ability to:

  • Review the CLIA orientation program content.
  • Identify specific CLIA performance criteria.
  • Identify the CLIA program requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • Identify the roles of the RO and SA.
  • Identify assigned responsibilities.
  • Apply assigned responsibilities at an acceptable level of competence.
  • Identify data collection and investigation techniques.
  • Identify deficiencies.
  • Recognize the seriousness of survey findings.
  • Review documenting all survey findings lo legally support
  • Identify how to maintain the CLIA data system.

Prerequisites: None

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