Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: CLIA Virtual Basic Training (CLIA)

Activity Code: 0CMSCLIASBT_ONL

Training Description: The СLIA Virtual Basic Training is a web-based, self-paced course that takes approximately 30 hours. There are 14 lessons in this course, with one lesson having 10 shorter modules. To get the most out of the course, surveyors should complete the lessons in the order presented on the Surveyor Training Website (STW). The course begins with a pre-test and concludes with a post-test that requires a passing score of 80 percent. All CLIA State Agency surveyors that conduct CLIA surveys are required to complete this basic training course in total, even if a basic training was completed previously. CLIA State Agency support staff are expected to complete the lessons that are marked for “non-surveyors.” The СLIA Virtual Basic Training provides a comprehensive overview of the regulatory requirements and their application to surveyors. This includes regulation interpretation, compliance assessment using the Outcome-Oriented Survey Process, and Principles of Documentation for legally defensible citation of deficiencies and enforcement options and protocols. At the end of this course, the CLIA surveyor will be able to demonstrate the ability to survey clinical laboratories for compliance to the CLIA regulations, citing deficiencies as appropriate using the outcome-oriented survey process. The prerequisites for this course are completion of the CLIA Orientation Manual, a working knowledge of the Public Health Service Act, specifically Section 353, Subpart 2 Clinical Laboratories, 42 CFR part 493, the CLIA Regulations, the State Operations Manual (SOM), and SOM Appendix C.

Prerequisites: None

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