Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: Complaint & Incident Intake for Long Term Care (CII)

Activity Code: 0CMSCIILTC_ONL

Training Description: The Complaint & Incident Intake for Long-term Care is comprised of 7 modules that provide the student with interactive and engaging topics such as the type of information to collect, referrals, how to determine priority, and regulatory groupings. Through real-life examples and scenarios, the student will be able to practice and apply their knowledge immediately to the demands of their jobs as Intake Specialists. The On-the-Job Toolbox provides supplemental materials for students to use during the course and serves as a takeaway for reference on the job.

Note: If you are unable to launch the training, or having difficulty, try opening the training in a different browser. Contact the help desk for additional assistance if needed.

Prerequisites: None

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