ALERT! In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CMS has released COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol Training for Long Term Care and Non-Long Term Care.
Surveyors must be logged in to receive credit for completion. Public learners can access COVID-19 training via direct links below:

Long Term Care | Non-Long Term Care

Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: Basic Life Safety Code Training (BLSC)

Activity Code: 0CMSBLSC_ONL

Training Description: The BLSC Training Online Course is intended to cultivate and refine surveyor skills, foster understanding of the survey process, and enhance surveyors’ overall ability to conduct LSC surveys for Medicare and Medicaid certification on behalf of CMS. Upon completion of this training you will be able to:

  • Identify LSC regulations, and associated CMS guidance and policy.
  • Identify survey process for evaluating facilities for LSC compliance.
  • Identify documents required to document LSC deficiencies.
  • Identify information needed to complete CMS LSC survey report forms.
  • Identify LSC fundamental requirements.
  • Identify LSC occupancy requirements.
  • Identify building rehabilitation requirements.
  • Identify basic National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 99, Health Care Facilities Code, requirements.

This self-paced, asynchronous online course takes about 32 hours to complete. It consists of a Pre-Test, 12 learning modules with practice questions, an interactive final activity and a Post-Test. Learners should have their own copies of the 2012 editions of Life Safety Code and NFPA 99 to use as resources while taking this course.

In order to successfully complete this training and earn CEUs, the learner must pass the training post test with a 80% pass rate and complete the training evaluation.

​If you have any questions regarding course related content, please direct all correspondence to


  1. Fire Inspector One Certification (NFPA Issued)
  2. Orientation to Life Safety Code OR Orientation to BLSC OR Orientation to Basic Life Safety Code OR Orientation to Basic Life Safety Code
  3. Principles of Documentation for Life Safety Code OR Principles of Documentation for Long Term Care OR Principles of Documentation for Non-Long Term Care OR Principles of Documentation for Non-Long Term Care
  4. Basic Life Safety Code: The Survey Process Training
  5. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Simulation
  6. Survey & Certification Policy Memo Navigation Simulation
  7. State Operations Manual Navigation Simulation
  8. Basic Writing Skills for Survey Staff
  9. Foundational Investigative Skills

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