Training Information

Training Offering Overview

Training Name: CBTs (Formerly ASPEN and The Long Term Care Survey Process) (A_LTCSP)

Activity Code: 0CMSALTCSP_CBT

Training Description: This course includes computer based training (CBT) modules that provide in depth videos on the LTCSP software application.

Section 508 Disclaimer

Computer Based Training (CBT) users can navigate the videos using the play bar:

Press the tab key to navigate to the control buttons within the play bar, and press the spacebar to select the buttons. After selecting a button, the focus moves away from the play bar. Press Tab again to reassign focus to the play bar, and you can continue to tab across all the controls and activate them as normal.

The Fast Forward button is not considered applicable for assistive technology users as the voice and audio cannot be discerned by these tools.

Prerequisites: None

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